Group Study Spaces

Group Study Rooms

Two glass-enclosed group study rooms, Group Study A and Group Study B, are available on the library’s second floor.  Each room contains a table and chairs, desktop computer and connections for up to two laptop computers, widescreen monitor and wireless Internet access. When the rooms are not reserved, anyone may use them on a first-come, first-served basis.  While individuals are welcome to use the group study rooms, they are prioritized for group use.

To reserve either Group Study A or Group Study B within the next week, visit Reserve a Room. To reserve either Group Study A or Group Study B more than one week in advance, or to make a recurring reservation, contact Gramley Library staff at

Library Assembly Room

The Library Assembly Room (LAR) is another resource for group study.  If it has not been reserved for use by other groups on campus, you may use it freely.  You may also reserve it for a formal, non-recurring study session.

Before making yourselves comfortable in the LAR, be certain to inquire with the circulation desk attendant as to the LAR’s availability.  Do close the doors during your discussions in the LAR so that other students on the third floor can study peacefully.

NOTE: unless you have reserved the LAR, please DO NOT alter the room’s arrangement.  It may be set up for an event to occur at a later time or date.

If you are a current Salem College student, staff or faculty member you may reserve the LAR for a formal, non-recurring event by consulting the LAR calendar and contacting Gramley Library staff at

If you are not currently enrolled or employed by Salem Academy & College, you may inquire about fees and scheduling for the room by contacting Goldia Anderson at or (336) 721-2606.

NOTE: Events cannot be scheduled outside of the library’s operating hours and should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

Ground Floor Lounge & Curriculum Materials Collection

Students have quickly discovered the newly remodeled spaces and tables on the ground floor of the library. The tables are located in the newly-remodeled Curriculum Materials Collection and by the beverage station.  The plush chairs and couch by the fireplace comprise another comfortable setting for group discussion. Both spaces have whiteboards for collaboration as well as individual study. These spaces are first come, first served.

Quiet Study Spaces

Study Carrels

Gramley Library is a great place to study — and for most students, it is the best place for studying on campus. On Floors 1, 2, and 3, you’ll find lots of private nooks with individual study carrels peppered throughout. Individual carrels may not be reserved and are available on a first come, first-served basis.

Reading Room

In the Reading Room, students may access any of the sixteen computers or make use of the classic tables and chairs for study. The Reading Room also features plush chairs and sofas, which are situated near a grand fireplace. This quiet zone is peer-enforced and is a popular space for students who don’t desire collaborative workspace.

Access for Persons with Disabilities

The ground floor glass door entrances allow all those who require handicap access to freely enter and use the library’s facilities. Directional signs are posted throughout the ground floor to provide navigational guidance. If you need assistance to enter any of Gramley Library’s doorways, please call (336) 721-2649 prior to or upon your arrival.

Elevator access is provided to all floors. A restroom on the ground floor is equipped for handicapped use.

The staff will make every effort to assist with any special needs you might have (i.e., using the copier, reaching books in the stacks) and we welcome your requests and suggestions.