Research & Instruction

Library instruction is available as a component for faculty to include in their courses. Subjects can include general familiarization with library resources, aspects of the research process, and subject-specific research instruction. Library instruction is most useful when students are given an assignment that requires them to conduct research, and library instruction coincides with the appropriate stage(s) of the research process for that assignment.

Why incorporate library instruction into your tight class schedules?

  1. Your students do not learn the essential resources in your discipline during first year library orientations or SIGN 100-level library orientations.
  2. Many students fail to seek assistance independently from librarians.
  3. Once students meet the librarians in the classroom, they often feel more comfortable asking for their help.

Library instruction is available in two formats:

One-shot Instruction

One-shot instruction is most appropriate when students have a basic foundation within the discipline. Topics for one-shot instruction include:

  • Selecting a research topic: 20-25 minutes
  • Intermediate search strategies using Boolean and proximity operators: 10 minutes
  • Finding journal articles using online databases: 20-25 minutes
  • Finding books on a topic using the online catalog: 5-10 minutes
  • General services and policies (ILL, TALA, etc.): 5-10 minutes
  • Practice: 25 minutes (minimum)
  • Citation tools and formats: 15 minutes (minimum)

When selecting topics, please be prepared to allow enough time so the librarian may address the topics you request.

Librarian-Faculty Partnerships

Librarian-faculty semester partnerships are available for faculty who want to:

  • Offer students a more comprehensive research experience; and
  • Develop students’ information fluency

Librarian roles can range from virtually embedding in the LMS to co-instruction. For more information about librarian-faculty partnerships, contact Anna Milholland at